Annika has the coolest job in the world! she manages a pinball gaming parlor that is filled with the coolest games and laser skirmish, all opposite a 50's style bowling alley!
 Every Saturday it is compulsory for all the staff to work in fancy costume, just to add to the fun and atmosphere of the day.
So, we thought for this shoot it would be great to have Annika dress in one of her favourite 'work' uniforms, Snow White! This also attracted a lot of attention from passerbys, but, it's always good to have a bit fun, life is about seeing the lighter side, don't you agree?
We don't have any Snow White costumes instore but we do have lots of  vintage dresses that have just arrived and waiting for a loving home.



  1. Love it love it looooooove it!
    kiss kiss ♥
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