In the major cities of Australia, we have what is called a hard rubbish pickup where  the local council allows a free collection service of any bigger items of household furniture  that we do not want anymore.

We do this by putting it all on the edge of the footpath outside our homes.
However, this also seems to be an unofficial open invitation for anyone walking past to have a scratch through it, and claim anything worthwhile as their own and give it a second lease of life.

We have been known to do this on occasion (one man's rubbish is another man's treasure as they say!?) but on this particular day we hit a little goldmine! we came across a box amongst the furniture filled to the brim of mint condition Music Star rock magazines from 1973.
We were so excited we just HAD to do a photo shoot with them. Annika posed as the lovesick teen dreaming about her teen rock idols as she flicked through the magazines. however those 'idols' now are middle aged men and not so dreamy anymore.

We had fun anyway. and the dress shown in the photos is available now instore- we think it looks fab with the high top converse shoes too! what do you think of our look?

Meanwhile, we have all these fab magazines we do not know what to do with - if anyone is interested or know what they are worth please flick us an email here
We would love to hear from you. 

PS- note the David Bowie cover and the VERY young Michael Jackson. so many memories listening to their hits.....back in the day!



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