At Ahka HQ we are very well known for our organic crochet dresses- they never go out of style and are very unique and tots hot! but sometimes people do ask us 'how do we wear this amazingness in our day to day life?'
So, we though we would style our very own nymph, Annika, in a slightly fanciful figment of my imagination. a mix of greek mythogology, atzec inspired with a hippie edge (my imagination gets very complicated at times!)
Having said that, we thought the look turned out pretty amazing. (high five to us!) 
We have our cotton embroidered dress featuring Angel sleeves, and added a very striking and stunning feathered necklace, leopard boots and mismatched earings, finally finished with a dark brown matte lipstick from Lime Crime.
This look is perfect festival chic and we are in loooove!
This dress is available now instore here 



  1. You seriously have one of the best vintage styles around.



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