Saturday night i found myself standing in the Iconic Luna Park, situated right on the beautiful harbour, with spectactular views of the Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera house... in the pouring rain!
I was a little nervous but very excited, as I had been invited by a friend to experience my very first Roller Derby game that was being held in the Big Top of this very groovy theme park on the water. 
 I always thought this sport was quite violent, but as i was to find out, it has very strict rules and fast paced action with safety first being very important with all the proper gear worn.
Imagine a hockey game, but replace the ice with a roller rink. Swap out the baggy jerseys for fishnet stockings and tank tops, and abandon ordinary names in favour of pseudonyms like Helen DeGenerate and Sirius Whack.
But the best way to learn about Roller Derby is to attend one of their bouts, and ask the people sitting around you to speak derby to you.
We watched as the Black Widows smashed the Brawling Bar Belles (not literally, cause that's against the rules!!) a 256 points to 57! Landslide!
But the most entertaining part of the evening are defintately the derby names the girls call themselves, we cheered on Phar Slap,Speedin' Seagal, Miss Sin Doll, Carnage, Blocky Balboa, Deby Does Damage,IScream Soda and Feral Streep, to name a few.
What would your roller derby name be?  I'm thinking for me.....Cutie Psycho AKA "The Knee Jammer" 




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