Last Saturday I spent a fantastic night on Sydney Harbour soaking up the sights and sounds and lights of the VIVID festival.  I love this festival, my favourite was the Museum of Contemporary Arts all lit up with amazing patterns and moving snakes up and down the building.  Light is an amazing thing.  Just thought I would share a little of why I love this city so very much.  And considering it was 1am, pitch black, after a 3 hour dinner (cocktail) cruise, I'm surprised I actually got any proof I went there at all!



  1. The pictures of the amazing festival are just amazing. I can only imagine how much more brilliant the sites were in person. I like vintage hats, primarily, but also some of the 50s clothing styles. I would love to follow each other on Bloglovin and Google +. Let me know, if interested, after viewing my blog if you want to. All the best on your future endeavors. I hope to stay in touch.


  2. So beautiful!




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