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Bohemian vogue covers a broad spectrum of fashion because it is not confined by a solid definition. The world itself, “bohemian”, simply describes the unconventional and therefore covers a far-reaching continuum. The “boho” genre in the fashion industry is an eclectic collection of influences, eras and styles. It encompasses more than just one singular look with generations of people having expanded and contributed to it. Boho has re-emerged and evolved over the course of history, giving it a sense of timelessness. Today it is making a full swing comeback in contemporary fashion with a distinct, recognizable 1970s influence.
The 1970s was an age of open-minded experimentation, full of radical ideas and counterculture. Expansion of global awareness, the rise of the youth, growing diversity in music, and the overall movement of freedom triggered an explosion of social self-expression. The 1960s re-acquainted society with the bohemian state of mind and that mentality continued to cultivate into the 70s. People were liberating themselves from their conventional existence, and this non-conforming, freethinking attitude is especially evident in their fashion. The magic of this era is in the vitality and versatility of its style. Mainstream ceased to exist because so many different styles were coming into play. Rock n’ roll glam, Brit punk grunge, psychedelic groove, disco fever, cosmopolitan, you name it! Every person had a different style ethos but all had a common denominator, deviation from the norm. Individuality was idolized and celebrated. This was the decade of Boho renaissance.

Every renaissance has its key players that supply inspiration and the 70s was bursting with them. Celebrities played roles as fashion icons and musicians moonlighted as muses. Many of the bohemian looks trending today were initially rocked and spurred by leading women of the 70s. Joni Mitchell, a Canadian musician, epitomized the hippie life & style with her free spirit, uncut locks, floaty boho dresses, and tie-dye apparel. She was the original bohemian beauty queen. There is also the infamous Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac. Her legendary bohemian look of flare pants, fringed shawls, and crotchet dresses like this beautiful rose coloured lace dress from the Ahka store, combined with staple materials of leather, velvet, and lace inspires a feeling of ethereal youth and sensuality.

Designers, such as Anna Sui, have dedicated entire collections and seasonal lines to Stevie’s iconic style. The signature look of Joan Jett, singer for an all-girl rock band called the Runaways, is also a significant look. Leather jackets, grungy band Ts, high top converses, and dark wash jeans were all the rave back in the 70s and continue to rock on in the 21st century. All three of these fashion figures had very different tastes and panache, but together their styles embody boho fashion chic.
The fashion industry is an ever-evolving scene where change is the only constant. It is a market immersed in innovation and originality where everyone is searching for the next big thing. However, a true trendsetter knows that sometimes the greatest inspiration comes from turning back the clock.



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  3. This was an engrossing post which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I like aspects of boho attire. I would love to follow each other on GFC. Let me know if interested.


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  6. Lovely vintage collection,stylish and unique looks.



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