Women's Health.  Both of us being women and rather conscious of our physical (and at times mental!) health is a big thing.  Take for example this morning.  We awoke to a large glass of our homemade 'green smoothie'  which consisted of kale, spinach, an orange, ginger and pineapple.  Down that and bingo... all your daily requirements of vegetables and greens.  Done.  Even the boys are big on them.  It's better than eating salad they say.  

Which leads me to something rather exciting, and something both Lara & I are incredibly supportive of.  Women's Health of Australia are leading a fantastic campaign to investigate the health of young Australian women, after all, it's important to lead a healthy lifestyle ~ our very lives depend on our health.  For all of you beautiful Aussie women between the ages of  18-23, release your inner 90's dag and jump on www.whoalegs.com.au and take the survey, let Women's Health of Australia know what we girls feel about our health.    So..... what's in it for you if you do it??

Brace yourselves girls.  Black Milk Clothing are are designing exclusive leggings especially for WHoA!.  If you fill out the survey here, you have the chance to design a limited edition 1 of 2000 leggings from Black Milk Clothing.  Think about it!  You could be the lucky owner of Black Milk 90's nostalgia collector leggings!  High fives all 'round!  For me I'd like to see some roller blades on them leggings.  I spent most of every school holidays perfecting the art of rollerblading (not inline skating) and the following conversation has been know to take place:
Don't hold it against me.  I was the biggest 90's dag you ever did see.  

"I'm'a rollerblader" 
"Wow you truly own everyones life...since rollerblader's are the best"

This post was brought to you by Women's Health of Australia. All thoughts and opinions are my own



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