I totally fell in love with Hanoi.  I had heard mixed reports from friends - some hated it with a passion, others were captivated.  I was one of the latter.  The bustle, the baguettes, the brilliant mix of Asian and French cultures, this is what had me right from the start.  To be fair, I would love to go to France one day - but at this stage my budget limits me to countries where my buck will go further.  I can sit on the sidewalk of Hanoi with a latte and croissant for $2.10 and watch the passerby - I hate to think how much it would be in Paris!  So this is for all of us travel dreamers that would love to globe-trot but are still watching our pennies!

Photos: 1) girl outside Temple of Literature 2,3,4) Hanoi beer while watching the hustle and bustle of the night life 5,6) the best afternoon we've ever spent, sipping on lemon tea and eating sunflowers seeds on dusk 7) red wine and beef stew with Bia Hoi (beer brewed daily!) 8) creepy looking dolls 9)  being tempted with lights surrounded by...lights.



  1. The Old Quarter is the real Hanoi best viewed if you stay in a Hotel in the Quarter. Wandering the narrow streets is amazing and you feel completely safe. Interesting to see streets dedicated to selling one thing such as "Shoe Street". There was even a street dedicated to selling tombstones. Fascinating! Remember when crossing some of the busy streets just to keep walking at a steady pace and the traffic will avoid you. Lots of great places to eat as well.



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