I'm loving the mood of this shoot.  The crochet dress is yet another of Lara's beautiful masterpieces, and the mid-calf length and lightly tapered sleeves gives it a versatility like no other crochet we have in store.  It was so nice to spend the morning  hanging out with friends and experiences new things.  Like the cemetery here in Newtown, and before all the opionionators get on their high horse and say how terrible it is to be photographing fashion shoots in a graveyard; let me explain the dynamics of Newtown cemetery.  It's a place of tranquillity and quietness where all walks of life come to sit and drink coffee, read the newspaper, and take a little time out from their busy Sydney lifestyle.  It's a place to take a step back, enjoy the filtered, dappled light drifting through the vines, and taking out the time you need to contemplate the brevity of life and making the most of every wonderful opportunity that presents itself.



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