Soft embroidered leather is something hard to come by.  This vintage jacket is just beautiful, lovely delicate embroidery - but still 'edgy'.  Mixing beige and black leather isn't a fashion statement - rather a pressing need as the only other leather boots I have are black and knee-length, which doesn't lend itself to the earthy style we were going for.  Team it with Ray-bans and reindeer rings to gouge your eye out and you're in business.

And to top it all off - this is our take on winter style.  As Mum used to say "you need to keep all your vital organs warm"  so freezing cold legs are a go as long as your feet are toasty.  Oh and your liver, heart, kidneys (and ears).  Cue warm leather jacket and shoes.  And this we entered into the Asos State of Fashion competition too - so show the love and vote for us!  Love to your Mothers.

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