Ever since primary school I have had a fascination with Japan, the culture and the art.  Paper crane making was something of a relaxation for me - I loved it so much, to the point that friends and I made 1000 of them to give to the local hospital after reading the book Sadako and a Thousand Paper cranes.  Pinterest re-inspired me to create magic with paper cranes and after our little trip to Japan to purchase beautiful paper (naturally - only the best) we got started.  Here's some inspiration for you to mull over first:

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We bought some beautiful quality paper from Kyoto prefecture, Japan:

How to make a paper crane (see the You Tube video below for an easier how to)

Fold the squared paper into a rectangle, then a small square.  Unfold.  Then refold into a triangle, followed by a smaller triangle.

Once you have your small triangle, let half of the triangle raise and then fold it into a square.  Let the previous folds of the square guide you.

You then have a folded square

Use the folded square to then fold into the middle as shown.  You ultimately want a kite shape.

Fold the kite shape, then lift the paper as shown to make a long diamond shape.  Do this both sides.

Once you have a long diamond shape you will have 'legs'.  Make these 'legs'  'skinny'  This will form the tail and head of you crane.  Then fold the legs up into the sides of the wing shape.  Do this both sides.
Fold one part of the legs down to form the head.  For more details see the You Tube video below.  Enjoy this little DIY project!


  1. aaaah predivni su :)
    odlican ti je blog!
    sta kazes da pratimo jedna drugu?

  2. These are beautiful! Love the paper too. These would be really neat done in miniature and added to earring hooks!

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