Black and white tiled floors; good, solid, old fashioned wooden benches, curved windows.  A lovely little cafe that has kept some old world charm but still manages to make some pretty good coffee.  There is attention to detail that we don't get to see so much in modern architecture.  I love  visiting places that are unique - not necessarily 'vintage' - but still have have character.  These days most people think of McCafe as being a coffee shop experience - but there is something lovely about finding that special little place that is not all grey slated and modern looking, but has little bits and pieces that reveal themselves the more times you visit.

In other news we have been doing much to get the store streamlined and working for us, instead of the other way around!  We are happy with where we are at the moment, and content to keep Ahka Vintage our little family business, despite the pressure to build and go massive.  I think there is much to the phrase 'work to live, but not live to work'.  It doesn't promote laziness, but helps to put things into the right perspective.



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