I love looking at old photos, and one that stands out is an old one of my parents first home when they were just married in the sixties.  All the kitchen consisted of was a cast iron pot belly stove and some functional and well chosen kitchen containers - like the milk, sugar, tea canisters that are oh so popular these days.  It was simple yet still functional, not with all the time saving gadgets we are convinced we need these days.  It's interesting that since we moved house and decided to scale down our possessions  we have just had the bare minimum in the kitchen, and surprisingly it hasn't been that hard - it's just allowed for more creativity.


  1. Oh, man, that place would be a problem for me! So many goodies! And the legs on that lady in the b&w photo! Whew! Wish I looked liked that!
    I actually just posted photos of myself in a recent vintage purchase from the 40's on my blog, if you want to check it out. ;-)

  2. I'm always culling and down-sizing as things come into our home. Love all the pics, so many wonderful delights.

  3. Me encanta!

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