When Lara sent through the photos of her latest crochet wedding dresses, the "OH WOW" was audible and I had to keep going back to look again and again.  We see literally thousands of dresses pass through our hands here, and occasionally you get ones that blow your mind.  These however are more than that.  I still can't believe Lara makes these - with her own hands!  They are just exquisite and so perfect for the most dreamy of perfect weddings, (Yes that is a proper sentence) The lace and crochet we source are divine.  Such incredible quality.  For me it's difficult to think ahead how the piece will turn out, as each piece of crochet has it's own character.  But if you didn't have the "OH WOW" come instinctively out of your mouth then this is your cue to do it......now!  These beautiful dresses are now listed on our Ebay Store.

If you are really feeling inclined check out all the other vintage Lara has made over the past 12 months:

Have a happy, dreamy, romantic, crochet filled Saturday!



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