A little op shopping trip to the local St Vinnies was made all that more sweeter in a cute little sun dress.  Sadly the thrift store was closed and we had to suffice in looking longingly through the double barred windows.  Everyone should dress up to go thrifting.  That way you get random dodgy looks from passer-by wondering what the heck you are doing in that get up.

On a brighter note - have I mentioned how amazing these shoes are?  Oh yes, I did in this post here (cue for you to click on 'this post' and make my blogging numbers jump around my blog with glee.  For good measure I also put a link to my 'blog' as well.  And heck while I'm at it let's put one on for our Facebook page, Twitter, Ebay Store and Webstore)

Oh and if you feel inclined - hype the look so I don't feel entirely silly:


  1. You look so beautiful and those shoes are a piece of heaven!

  2. Oh my goooood the shoes are just beauuuuuuuutiful!!

    J'adore :)




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