Cute little babydoll vintage dress from the Ebay store, killer heels, and an odd looking wooden basket.  
Little Red Riding Hood got a makeover.

How have you all been?  We've been frosty and cold and are pining for summer to be here - we are not cold weather people.  Next month we are going to have the biggest baddest most amazing release of dresses you'll ever see.  Honestly you won't know what hit you.  It's already hit us and we're super excited!  But in the meantime we'd love it if you guys could do us a little favour - call it selfish - but what do you love about coming and visiting us here on the blog?  What do you hate?   We would love to have your feedback!


  1. Such a beautiful dress, and the scenery makes it stand out!
    xx Brigita

  2. Love the dress, it's been freezing here in england too!of course i'll visit back, and I love all your blog! xxx

  3. Just found your blog and I just adore it! I'm a new follower :) I love the dress, the print is adorable.

  4. Pretty dress and shoes!

  5. You look amazing ! That dress is amazing !

    Thanks for stoppîng by my blog ! I'm glad you did !
    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  6. These photos are awesome!!! Your outfit is beautiful! I really love the layout too! Newest fan!



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