I don't even need to write anything.  It's all self-explanatory.  Girls - please just be happy with the body you've got - be healthy (healthy doesn't not mean skinny - ever heard of 'skinny fat'?  Google it - it exists)  

And is it my imagination but doesn't the vintage swimsuits looks 350 times better than a bikini?  Just sayin'.  And in case you haven't noticed - many of our vintage dresses are of the 12-14 size variety... girls used to rock it back in the day - without looking like a twig.  (Rant brought to you by a twig by genetic nature.  Aforementioned twig is now in the 'healthy' range rather than the above mentioned 'skinny fat' range)

For the Love of AHKA Vintage

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  1. I think everyone will must to be comfortable in their own body, but being healthy.

    I love the vintage images you've post :)

    - Laura

  2. Just a post to think about...
    I have just discovered your blog and I'm your new follower by Bloglovin!
    Greetings from Spain!

  3. This image is one of my pet hates.

    Marilyn Monroe should not be an icon of curvy figures. The whole "size 16" thing is bandied around without any consideration for the fact that not only do sizes change internationally but that vintage sizes were different. A size 16 had a 34" chest- hardly curvaceous!

    Then there's the fact that she had an eating disorder and was underweight for a considerable amount of time...

    The people chosen here are also so selective. There are beautiful women today such as Adele who are fuller figured just as there were tiny women then like Audrey Hepburn.


  4. To Becky,

    We appreciate your opinion! It's true that vintage sizes are generally smaller than comparative sizing today - what we failed to mention in the post was that we were talking modern sizing (12-14) as even though they are vintage dresses we do measure by modern equivalents.

    As for the images chosen - this is something we stumbled upon while looking up other information - and thought it relevant to share with our readers - our post was merely to emphasize to be happy with what we have, and most importantly to be healthy - and to be honest - even though some in the vintage category may have been smaller (and even some in the modern category may have been larger) the importance is on health as opposed to size. We are acutely aware of both sides of the debate - as each of us from Ahka represent one side or the other.

    p.s. Agree with you on Adele too - she's gorgeous!

    Ahka girls
    Lara & Tura

  5. So true! Curves are beautiful

  6. that is so true! women should be curvacious and happy !

    love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  7. I think you have to be comfortable with who you are and your size - don't try to be something you are not or be someone else
    would love for you to check out my new post

  8. Ah this is a great blog post, thank you for sharing xx

  9. PS just googled, oh my god you're right, the definition 'skinny-fat' does actually exist - that makes me really sad.

  10. Totally right!! I'm brasilian and even if i want it i can't get skinnier that i am right now!!!!xo
    Following you, thanks for comment in my blog!

  11. I love this post! I have a teenage daughter who worries about being fat, but she is absolutely lovely! I hate what the current Hollywood and media trends do to our young girls!


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