I am a closet Bollywood film lover.  Not just because of the cheesy story lines or the epic 4 hour time slot you need to sacrifice to watch them.  I am in love with the bracelets, the necklaces, the earrings.  And truth be told if I'm not wearing vintage I'm channeling Bollywood hippie chick.  

Why you ask?  What other genre of fashion allows you to wear all of your accessories at once without it becoming a scary conglomeration of stating the obvious; namely, 'I'm wearing every single accessory I own'?  This is all you need (and which I happen to possess)

♥ Maxi skirt any will do - it doesn't have to be coloured     A plain top     Chandelier earrings (vital and worth the lobe stretching properties in order to pull off this look effectively)   Every dangly, spangly,  gawdy, sparkly (preferably gold or silver) necklace you own    Ditto for bracelets (your forearm can be up to 30cm long - use your maths to figure out how many will fit)  ♥ Jeweled flats (essential - you will wear them 90% of the time - why the heels you ask?  see below)   Heels for formality - ditch them asap.

That is it.  Anyone that know me knows that I employ this look often.  If you balance it right, the amount of jewelery and accessories dazzle and distract your audience, thus averting their attention away from a bad hair/ feeling flabby/ bad skin/ puffy eyes/ general bad mood kind of day.  It's a winner.

For the Love of AHKA Vintage

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  1. Nice blog on Designer Kurti
    Hey,these Kurtis are really looking gorgeous.Specially the first one.You have really done a great job.I like this.Keep sharing with us.

  2. I love bollywood movies as well! they are all so beautiful!
    I follow you and I invite you to follow me:-)
    Kisses from Barcelona

  3. Love this post... I have some bollywood style posts follow me x



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