Remember I had a rant about people copying our vintage crochet dresses?  Well I've come to terms with it and taken a new stance - I'm actually pretty flattered now - because one particular vintage seller has taken it on so much that it looks almost identical to the ones we've been doing for quite a while.

Why am I flattered now I hear you ask?  Well for a change we feel like we are actually doing something right!  So much so that others want to imitate our designs!  Of course the way the universe works they will likely be more successful at it - but satisfaction comes in knowing the Lara's creativity is unique, she thought of the patterns, the designs, the methods - and sewed it herself.  As one of you very thoughtful readers of ours put it - "someone copying you is the biggest form of flattery" 

In light of that Lara has again done something gorgeous - put a little modern twist on something 'old'.  What do you think?  She's also outdone herself with the most perfect wedding dress.  If she'd done that 8 years ago I so would have worn it for my wedding.  

For the Love of AHKA Vintage

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  1. You're so right! And we know you did it first! (:
    You simply can't let something get you down when you can't control it.

  2. BEAUTIFUL DRESS! That's all I have to say.


  3. Your is blog awesome i´ll be back soon.

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