Oh yes they just keep on coming.  This little beauty was an Ebay find.  Embellished with semi-precious stones, brass and burnished silver, it covers a whopping four fingers and is fashions' answer to a Ninja's knuckle buster.  No one dare try to take it off you as one firm punch in the money maker with this baby will leave your mark.

Hope you have all been absolutely delightful.  We have.  Busy little buttons slowly filling up the store with delightful dresses - we really should branch out and stock pants, trousers, blazers, blouses and the like - but.... meh... we are girls who are all for Frock up Fridays.  And for all you little Lookbook.nu fashionistas out there we have also got our very own Lookbook.nu page - Yay!  Now you can see Ashlei the hot little thing strutting her stuff in head to toe Ahka Vintage!

Love you all - you know that right?

For the Love of AHKA Vintage

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