What to do with all those fabulous neck ties sitting in your better half's wardrobe?  They may not be particularly nice ties, and some of the school ties from yesteryear end there way up into Salvo bins to be forever sitting in an Op shop somewhere.

Well I have the perfect solution.  Give them to my niece.

Her Home Economics project a couple of weeks back involved making a bag.  She did not opt for anything predictable or boring; oh no.  She availed herself to her fathers neck ties and sewed them up.  I don't think he minded as they are rather ugly ties.  So that's what kids do in high school these days.  Who'da thought.  In my day we made pillow cases.  What do you think of her handiwork?  Don't you crafty little handmade bloggers go flogging her ideas now!  tsk tsk!

p.s.  She will actually be reading your comments - so please be supportive and positive!

For the Love of Vintage
Lara & Tura xx

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  1. Dear neice what a lovey idea I used to cut mine up for crazy patchwork and now I keep them hoping to make a curtain or clothing one day.I hope you get lots sent to you and I look forward to seeing what you create xx

  2. These ties are gorgeous! I like this post!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

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    Cosa mi metto???



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