When I was a kid we went camping near pine forests, and my friend and I would always go wandering about, just the two of us, and try to scare each other into being the first one to run back to camp.  There is something beautifully silent about pine forests, that let your imagination run wild.  We were that paranoid we would leave little trails of cracked biscuits so that we found our way back to camp.  Very Hansel and Gretel of us.  That being said we visited said forest when we were 'growed up' we only then realised we strayed a mere 200 meters from camp.  Adventurous kid I was.  So this shoot with Ash really took me back to pine-forest-camping-trip-days in the summer.  Bring on summer!

Back to us in real time now  - we've been super busy and feel very productive of late.  We have been working extra hard at something involving 700 odd bags of lollies (cryptic - yes; I like being on the smug side of a secret) had an awesome feature on WITV blog - check it out here; picking out new stock for the store, and planning one huge overseas trip - lucky us!  So this week has started well, we feel excited, famous, productive and full of sugar!

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Lara & Tura xx

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  1. Gorgeous photos, and I love that pretty dress x Sushi

  2. These photos are so beautiful, looks like they're straight out of a Fairytale ^_^
    And the dress is lovely! xoxo

  3. I love these photos!
    and that is so funny, things seem so much further away when you're younger :) Oh I miss it.

  4. nice pics

  5. beautiful photos!


  6. Amazing photographs! You really captured the ambiance and the beauty :)

    Flo xxx



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