Seeing these images made me want blue hair, ridiculously bright patterned wallpaper, and headache-inducing colour palettes.  Doesn't it breath passion, intensity and pure genius?  Yes it does.  Dare you to deny it.

On another note - the big plans I've been hinting at are coming together.  If you want to know first then you have to like Ahka Vintage Facebook page (no - not just click on it and look at the photos - LIKE it - or else)

Then because we don't feel stressed out and/or busy enough we have aforementioned BEHEMOTH Garage Sale this Saturday (tomorrow for all you Sydney-siders reading this at 10 pm at night.  Go to bed)  40 Thomas Street, Parramatta, Sydney.  You can pick up some sweet vintage gear - kinda like the one Lucy is wearing when she won our $200 giveaway.  She looks super cute in it too.

So, that's all from us this week - sounds kinda boring but that's cause we're working on something big.  Did I mention there was something big happening soon?  I did.  Oh, I thought I forgot to tell you.

For the Love of Vintage
Lara & Tura xx

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  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. It also gave me a chance to visit yours, and it's an awesome blog! I am loving all the patterns! I will visit often, and hope you do, too!


  2. This is just gorgeous! love the color expression.

  3. You have such a wild imagination when you picked this colorful collections. Don't know what's on you head that you even colored your hair with blue but I still find it to be very cute and nice. Anyway, I if you were looking for cheap clothing and other fashionable accessories, you might want to visit for other much awaited discounts and new arrivals.

  4. Great pics!
    I'm now following you , if you like my blog, can do the same:
    XOXO Andy

  5. Gorgeous, flowy dresses! I love the patterns, very feminine and fairy-like ^^ Amazing post.

    Thanks so much for stopping by at my little blog. Feel free to join me anytime again ^^

    xx indie by heart

  6. I think I'm in love!! the fabrics and colors are sooo vibrant!! everything just radiates out of the photos....wooow!

    TWEET Me!

  7. Oh yumminess galore in these pics, what incredible shots of colour and shape - the clothes look like sculptures!! Gawd, a garage sale - missed it - too far to drive:(. I hope it went really well and you made a couple of pennies. Thank you so much to you both for your very kind wedding messages! xoxo

  8. These are fantastic pictures! Love the post and the blog!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I'm your newest follower!
    Hope to have you as a follower as well!

    ♥ from Garment Traveling

  9. Beautiful photos! :)



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