So I was an 80's child.  Way back when we went to school we took secretarial classes that consisted of a field day that focused on how to put on make up and do your hair; and we were so technically advanced that we would type on a digital typewriter to get our WPM speed up. (I lived in a small town - that could have been a major curriculum influencing factor)

But don't laugh at these oh-so-ancient advertisements... even though they are chuckle-worthy.  I had one of the brick-like, black background, orange writing electronic machines in my bedroom (my dad owned an electronics store - so we were pretty up to date with all the latest gadgets we were)  I was writing my memoirs on that computer, and a novel.  All I knew what to do on it was type.  I'd like to know what I actually wrote.  It could have been incredible blog material.

I kind of wish though we went back to the old days and wrote letters instead of emails, sent actual pictures instead of digital files, and actually still made mixed tapes that we taped of the radio - so you got all sorts of background noise that just doesn't happen anymore.  *sigh* the good old days.  You young uns' don't know what your missing!

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