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Recently sitting in our beat up old 1993 buzz box of a car, we had quite the animated discussion as to what kind of car we would like to own if money were no option.  The following answers really did fit quite well to the persons travelling in said buzz box.  Let me elaborate.

Person A:  Gym-junkie, 20 something young man
Person B:  Style concious, image concious 17 year old girl
Person C:  Myself
Person D:  Other half of myself (i.e. husband; significant other) untrained rally driver and general petrol head.

Now the answers to this question came rapidly, with no extended forethought, and I feel that each answer was very specific to the types of people sitting in the car.  Maybe this is a lesson in psychology?  Who knows.  I failed that subject at uni.  Here are the said answers to above question - according to person:

Person A:  "For me it would be a Skyline (Nissan - model/type I can't remember)

Person B:  "I would say a Lamborgini" (model/type/colour not specified)

Person C:  "I know this sounds trite but it would have to be an E-type Jag" (the classic/vintage side rearing it's rather stylish head)

Person D:  "Caterham - they are RAD"

Now I thought this interesting and somewhat autobiographical of the people involved.  Person A & B would clearly choose a car that was fashion conscious and relied on the look factor to make you go 'WOW'.  This seems to reflect much of their choices in life and style.

However myself and the better half chose vehicles that rather reflected and inner sense of nostalgia.  For example, whilst dating, the other half had a wonderful idea of driving through the English countryside, me in a Jackie-O style scarf and oversize vintage sunnies get-up; and himself in leather headgear circa 1940 - complete with goggles; racing along in a Caterham (mind you not my choice - I'm  along for the ride and he, in it for the speed and sheer delight of country road-ing).  This drive is definitely on our bucket list.

What about you my dear ones?  What car describes you?  I would love to know what and why!
Person A

Person B
Person C - Me!
Person D - the other half

For the Love of Vintage
Lara & Tura & significant other

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  1. I love the Mazzerati Quadraporte - power, performance and practability plus it is so damn sexy - thanks for your comment x


  2. That's so interesting, I like your choice the best though, so much more character. :) x




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