Brace yourselves for a rant.  I’m ready to fire all the guns here.  I have just spent 2 and a half hours watching the fabulous Fashion TV – the channel that has constant streaming of the latest from catwalks across the world; and showcases some amazing designers and collections.  I found myself ooh-ing and ahh-ing over most collections and loving the bold pops of colour, muted metallics, stiff and cut designs, followed by whimsical, flowey, beautiful garments.  It was a visual feast. 

However (rant begins here) what the hell is going on with having only size 6-10 models gracing these catwalks.  I am thoroughly aware that this topic has been blogged to bits, written about, spoken about, activist-ed (is that a word?) and the like.  Also let me set a few things straight.  I guess I’m what you would term the stereotypical skinny model type.  I am nearly 5’10’’ size 8-10, little waist etc.  So I’m not talking from a plus-size perspective.  I just wanted to rant about how intrinsically boring it was to watch show after show after show with EXACTLY the same body type in every single one. 

I have plus-size model friends and we have many a colourful debate about this subject.  I have two amazing gorgeous friends that are or were plus size models.  One of them, whom I can be particularly frank with, is constantly worried about her size, saying skinny girls have it way easier in finding clothes and making things look great.  I can’t deny that as I have never been above a size 10 and don’t know what it’s like going into a store and finding nothing that fits.  What I do know though – is that both of my friends whom I’m guessing are about a size 14ish,  are some of the most gorgeous people I’ve ever met.  If someone were to ask me to describe one of my friends physically it would honestly be ‘long black hair, fantastic eyebrows, massive laugh’.  Cetainly she is not as thin as me, but I like that about her, that we are not all cut from the same cookie cutter and she has a hell of a lot more physical features that I would like to have.

But that's not the issue.

Let's get back to that silly catwalk.  There needs to be some more interesting body shapes up there.  I recognize too that the models are effectively clothes hangers so uniformity is preferable, but in real life not everyone is so uniform! So, they are my current thoughts on the modelling industry.  Not new nor groundbreaking.  Just that now I have a platform to express my thoughts.  I'm not saying down with the skinny model at all, as that would be detrimental to myself, being a scrawny type, which is just silly to do.  I'm just saying get some variations of size.  Pint size Anja is making waves and she's a petite little thing.  And don't get me started on Robyn Lawley, heck.  Gorgeous doesn't sum it up really does it?

To add to this post which has been on the boil for a few weeks now - gorgeous above mentioned model is now going to grace the catwalk for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney - kicking off tomorrow.  I'm so excited to see some pictures - and maybe with permission she'll let me show some pics... maybe ;)

What do you think - are you with me on this one?

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  1. not the most idealistic body image to promote when there isnt alot of variety but I think it is slowly changing and people are more aware of the issue.


  2. Great post...how about you style up some of your lovely vintage clothes and take some pics of your curvy friends wearing them? I would really love to see what you come up with and it would certainly be an inspirational post.

    p.s. I am skinny but I have a gorgeous curvy-ish daughter.

  3. Thanks for you comments guys! If you want to see the gorgeousness I'm talking about (aka model I am referring to - Tanya) check it out here

  4. I agree with you totally. Its boring, lets get a little change up there. We are all different colors and sizes! Its one thing to be obese, its another to be naturally curvy sheesh!

  5. Hear, hear...it truly is amazing that to this day, the skinny model is still the norm when here in North America, the average woman is a size US8.

  6. amazing post!! Here in Argentina the prototype girl is to be soooo skinny that really hurts for girl with normal bodies.


    you can also follow me on Twitter! :) @angelieeee

  7. So true!
    There are so many beautiful curvier women that should be on catwalks!
    We need to see the clothes on a range of different bodies, not just the stock standard 8's. x


  8. Yes, absolutely 100% agree with you and also with MrsWardy88. There are approximately 3.3 billion women in the world, therefore the percentage of women that fit that white, ridiculously tall and skinny as a bean pole image is probably 1%! Very unrealistic! Great post, I'm going to retweet this :)

  9. i couldn't agree more, they even have models with the same colors, it's always blond, blue eyed and white, a little variety there wouldn't hurt either :)

  10. I think these are interesting very Bo Derrick feel to them

  11. Oh how I love this spread, a women's curves should be seen as beautiful, they're natural and fabulous! Love this post, I'm a new follower to your blog after reading an interview you did on another blog I follow!

    Eda ♥


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  13. i definitely feel like there could be a greater variance in size and shape of ladies on the catwalk... with that said i'm not offended by thin models.

    you have a delightful blog. glad i found you!!!!

    i'm confused...

  14. I agree, too, along with the height; we're not all fortunate enough to be tall.

  15. Great! love this post. recognizing big size models honors the right of every woman to be different and beautiful in its own way. These models are gorgeous.


  16. i think its up to designers and magazine editoris to demand models that aren't stick thin. until they do that not much is going to change. sad but true. ps. your GOTB post is up today :)

  17. So true! I am so happy about this post, these models are gorgeous!

  18. So true, and I've already joined the ranting band wagon on my blog. Fashion doesn't reflect its customer base and that's just sad.

  19. Great post and so true!!!

    PS. Thx for your comment on my blog and would love to follow each other if you like. What you think? Hope to hear back from you soon.

    <3 Marina

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