So still being a newbie to this whole blogging thing (I can't play the newbie card for much longer - it's already been nine months)  I am doing my first IFB project (I believe its number 11?)

My passion for talking fashion is a newly discovered one.  I always self-admired my tastes in apparel choices, which were usually pretty awesome, albeit off-beat and at times downright strange.

So with this project I needed to name my top 10 fashion inspirations.  To be honest as a teen fashion magazines never interested me (cue critics rolling their eyes -"Ignorant" they say)  I was more interested in health regimes and ways to improve your vocabulary through word puzzles.  ("nerd alert" I hear echoing around the blogosphere).  So this is my top ten picks and why:

1.  Patterns and whatever interests me at that moment - if I see it, like it, will wear, I'll buy it.

2.  Street fashion - how others mix it up and put combinations together that make me want their style.

3.  Now - blogs, Avenue Maria - not my style at all but her sweetness and floral Picnic-at-Hanging-Rock style makes all her post feel like flower-scented perfume and sunlight.

4.  Esme and the Laneway - this girl has some serious vintage style - only recently discovered but finding it difficult not to comment on every single post she makes.

5.  Pull your sox up - When I grow up I want to be just like Desiree.  I can't wait to meet her in the street and go all gushy like an adoring fan - although that may freak her out.

6.  Atlantic-Pacific - anyone that can pull off Gwen Stefani hair and awesome outfits at the same time deserves some recognition.

7.  My sisters wardrobe.  There are all sorts of goodies in there.  Including a mountain of rings and bracelets that I have graciously made available to myself.

8.  Vogue - one magazine that I do read, courtesy of the Devil Wears Prada and the September Issue ( I can still hear 'Ignorant!' ringing in my ears)

9.  Never been a big Pinterest fan, but does We Heart It count?  I like looking there - it's like a fridge you know has chocolate somewhere hidden inside.

10.  Don't laugh - but the trees and natural things around us - always way better than a runway show - where else does blue, turquoise, cream, red, orange, magenta and black work so well together but under the sea?

11.  Can I add one last one??  I know it breaks the rules... but you cannot go past Vintage baby.  Those women knew how to dress, and how to dress well.  We don't wear enough hats or gloves these days.

So there it is.  Laid out on the table.

And no - my mood/inspiration board is certainly not as inspirational or amusing.  I got it here

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  1. Love the mood board darling - good post!

    Eda ♥


  2. Great links! Thank you for sharing it!



  3. Really love that inspiration board -- the commentary is neat. I kind of want to do that now. I definitely identify with #1 and #10.


  4. I love the IFB homework projects. they are fun
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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