So when I slapped eyes on these images I nearly fainted.

 The lines, the tailored-ness, the impeccable-ness, the class - oh I could go on for years!!

I'm rather excited to see the film W.E; which has a Madonna-style spin (come on I know she copped some flak for Evita - but the class oozed out of every screenshot... I really need to see that movie again) I've been rather intrigued about the whole story behind the scandal - King Edward III giving up the throne for love - for a divorcee nonetheless.  Scandalous.   My interest was re-awakened after watching The Kings Speech - which had me sighing over amazing costumes and cinematography.  Oh and Colin Firth.

This is what I imagined my Gran to look like in her early days.  Now she's 97 and still has the same degree of class and grace about her.

For the Love of (classy) Vintage
Lara & Tura xx

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  1. The imagery is stunning- oh to have lived in such stylish times! xx

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  2. I love how sophisticated this shoot is, old style glamour - it's chic in ever sense of the word.
    Thankyou for sharing darlings

    Eda ♥

  3. These r gorgeous pictures, so elegant and glamourous!

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love old glamor so much. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too - although I got my Banana Republic cuff in like 2008. So hopefully you can find something similar :)

    {Bobbi <3}

  5. Fabulous editorial! Those looks are so classic and ladylike, it makes me with for another time!

    Thanks for your comment-following you now!
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  6. Awesome images...and I love Evita:P



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