So this is for the ones among us that have taken the plunge and said our vows, had an awesome party, then after 8 hours or so of wearing likely the most expensive dress we've ever bought, proceed to pack it away into a box.  Yes I'm talking about the dress.  Wedding dresses.  Of course once it's packed away, we dutifully haul it out every few years and reminisce, sigh over how thin we were back then, laugh at the near disasters we had with the veil/train/buttons/whatever; then carefully pack it back into the box with fresh moth balls and greaseproof paper to stop it from yellowing.  Ahhh, what a shame.  We spent a good many hours agonizing over choosing the perfect wedding dress, only to wear it for a short while, accompanied with pictures that have your great-second-aunt who smells funny frumpily standing beside you, and the hair that you really wish you had worn differently.

So enter in Cherish the Dress - I stumbled across these gorgeous photographs that from a talented UK photographer Chris Hanley.  He had the concept of re-taking your wedding photographs, wearing the dress all over again (and incidentally the better half could tag along too - of course!) and in his very words - 'liberate the dress from its wardrobe, re-kindle the passion, breath new life into wearing it again'. 

What drew me to these images was, of course, the vintage theme he had created using a variety of gowns, the colours, backdrops and props.  What do you think?  Would you love to have your memories refreshed and given new life? 

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx


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  1. I love the drop waist dress! What a great classy tutu dress! I'm in love!


  2. I am a huge fan of wedding dress designers and I have always especially admired Vera Wang, so this editorial is definitely really interesting! Thanks for sharing.

    xx Dagmara

  3. Such a lovely post! The photos are really sweet and I thought the idea of refreshing memories and do it again is really wonderful :)

    awesome blog, love the stuff u post :) following! thx for commenting on mine, do follow too if u like it :)


  4. such a great pictures!


  5. Stunnig photographs, would actually like to marry when seeing picturs like this :)

  6. that is such a good idea!beautiful photos.

  7. so classy, thos edresses and tutu's ;)

  8. That's so neat! I'll probably pick my wedding dress up from a thrift shop, though. It'll make it feel all the more special that I didn't spend a ton of money and that the dress has been through lovely weddings before (hopefully!)

  9. incredibly beautiful photograhpy! love the second and third shots.

  10. his photos are fantastic! i can't wait til the day i (hopefully) marry. the only sad thing about the day is taking off the beautiful dress and packing it away forever! he has a good concept here.

  11. Fantastic!!!!*_*;D

  12. Your blog is amazing, I love that you're two sisters! Thanks for visiting mine!
    I loooove this idea of recreating wedding dresses, how original. These brides must have been married quite young, they still look so young and beautiful in their dresses! I love the additions of the vintage suitcases / train station theme, so cute. If I was married I would definitely look for something like this to reinvent my dress instead of having it sit in the cupboard all its life. Great find, thanks for sharing!
    - C x

  13. Love the old school quality to these images...totally romanticizes the most important dress buy ever! That stairwell shot is amazing!

    Thanks for visiting the bloggy hun, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog



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