Yes we have all had our 15 minutes of fame, and Lara is no exception. I remember when this film crew came to our sleepy little town in the north of Australia and with it came a huge amount of jobs and us starry eyed teenagers talking about this Glen Close lady as though she were our mates' mum.  Someone famous - but because she was in our town made her a local for the short time she was there.

The film was Paradise Road - set in the 1940's around the time of WWII, about a group of women who formed a choir within their concentration camp to keep them going until they could get out.  Sad but true story.

Being that the film was set in the 40's naturally came vintage inspired depression-era dress and hair styles.  I remember Lara coming home after being an extra in the film with her hair well and truly hair -sprayed into a design made of pin curls, waves, hair parts, rolls, pompadours, and bangs.  Not necessarily all in the one style.  I also remember being the recipient of the 1000's of bobby pins used to make the styles.  

Those pins kept me in business for the next two years.

It's an interesting film - worth the time to find and watch.  Interestingly there was this one Australian actor know one really knew about called Cate Blanchett - I wonder what ever ended up happening to her......

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