Woman's Weekly Tribute

One thing I LOVE about vintage clothing is the surprise you get from putting your hand in the pocket of something you just purchased and pulling out... something.  Sometimes the surprise isn't very nice - like a scrunched up tissue that you just hope has nothing unsavory on it.
Other times the surprise is  pleasant - like a couple of coins or a forgotten $5 note.  Even better are the times when you pull out a letter or ticket stub dated before you were born.

Then there are those absolutely golden times where you come across something uh-mazing - and unnecessarily reaffirms you love for vintage fashion.  We've just had one of those times.  Lara has a penchant for vintage furniture that she really doesn't have any room for - but nonetheless still buys.  This one proved to be a pot of gold.  In a little vintage chest that she picked up from an op shop lay a piece of history in pristine condition.

Magazines.  Ones of the post-war variety.    There is advice on how to make hats, brush your teeth - how smoking is good for you (it will take a good 40 years before anyone thinks any different - even some now haven't got the memo)  So enjoy the November 28th, 1953 edition of the Woman's Weekly - and see how you can make your very own Batwing Cardigan with Tiny Cables.  Enjoy.  It's not often you get to see this!

p.s.  Isn't it just amusing that the body image type was being pandered to way back then?  Berlei has been around longer than I thought.  Unrelated side point.

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx
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  1. What a fabulous find! I had no idea Berlei had been around that long either?! Great post!

  2. great post! nIce stuff you found there!

  3. What a wonderful little secret find!



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