To Fur or not to Fur?

To be frank - I'm not one to be emotional about the whole should I wear fur or not.  I don't actually have an opinion on it.  I am against mistreatment of animals in any way, shape or form; and have been down the line of becoming a vegetarian after I saw the movie Babe.  Yes, I was one of the many thousands of children who finally realised that bacon came from pigs, and subsequently refused to eat poor lil' Babe for breakfast.

Despite this you would be pleased to see that these wonderful coats are faux fur - and gob-smackingly stunning at that - if only I could convince Lara to let me keep the leopard print one... especially now that it's so dang cold!  Just a question... why buy the real thing when the fake one looks just as good and likely equally as warm, and a price tag that is a fraction of the price?  Just puttin' it out there. xx
For the love of Vintage!
Lara & Tura

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  1. WOW! Love that coat! ts so beautiful!

  2. I love it! so Serena Van Der Woodsen!



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