As most of you are aware I'm a big fan of art - and consider myself an artist - albeit not a very good one.  You will often find me browsing Deviant Art, visiting art museums, and quite often making a nuisance of my self in an art gallery.  I particularly like interactive ones.

So I'm impartial to a bit of culture now and then - and while browsing the many sites I do for some inspiration I stumbled across artist Leigh Viner, took a deep breath and was instantly taken with her clean lines and minimalist style.  I'm a hoarder and love my paintings to be busy with bright pops of colour, usually with no sort of style at all.  So this is a stretch for me - but I think I'm in love!

Tell me what do you think?  Do you like them?

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx

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