Jill Ireland Pin Up

Last post we showed you our Woman's Weekly magazine.  Today we give you Jill Ireland.  This is a bonus issue of another unrelated magazine.  "Posing the Model - advice from the expert (their error - not ours!)  Way back in 1955 mind you.  I guess you could call it the beginning of the 'model era'.  Modelling was always around but really didn't fully take off in the commercial sense until the 60's.  These mags we found gave advice on the 'pin up girl' variety, and even had the lovely Jill Ireland - almost pre-fame - as an 18 year old posing in them.  Jill's first film was in the same year as this publication - so she was just starting to get her name out there.  I am totally coveting the bikini in the next picture.  Just gorgeous!

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx
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