One thing I love in a person is knowing where you stand with them.  They tell you like it is.  Makes life less like a charades game and easier to manage.  That's how some of the older magazines work.  Much easier than the politically correct speech required in today's media.  This Australian Home Journal from May 1st, 1946 bluntly tells you how to clean your home and acquire self-respect doing it.  None of this mucking around thinking of your feelings.  Tell it like it is.  Like using certain products will make you smarter.  Hmmm interesting.

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx

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  2. Agreed. I'd love it it newspapers and television would just tell it like it is instead of sugar-coating it!

    Additionally, everything has been dumbed down over the years, which is sad. For example, my mother's old high school yearbook was well edited, with witty captions that weren't necessarily PC (but not necessarily offensive either). In my high school yearbook, it's poorly edited and most of the captions are like "This is teh marching band. They practice their instruments hard."

    I wish our standards would rise to what they used to be...

  3. Great blogpost!


  4. Totally agree honey!!!
    Great post,love it!

  5. true. oh and beautiful outfits in the last pic-in the book!

  6. I've flicked through a couple of these old mags before and was amazed at some of the things they were selling back then - such a cool piece of history to have!


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