Real Op Shopping

Remember the days when the op shops were full of the quirkiest, dirtiest, most amazing little trinkets, clothes, and general refuse?  These days the op shops I tend to frequent are the big business variety - equipped with air-conditioning, price tags, and a disappointing range of 'sanitised' clothing and goods.  Back in the day op shopping was a fun affair, rifling through racks and testing your senses to see how long you could last in the dank, dark conditions; sweating or freezing depending on the season; then excitedly taking you pickings up to the counter where a delightful old lady would sort through it individually and say "That one will be $2, dear."  "This one is lovely isn't it?  $3 for this one" and the like.  You didn't know the final price but knew whatever it was overall what you got was a bargain.  And the more you looked - the more exciting the finds.  This is the kind of Op shop that I stumbled across in the Animal Welfare in Cairns, Far North Queensland.  Not only is it the old-weatherboard-house-turned-corner-store type of Op shop, it has the delightful older ladies tallying up your goods and all sorts of nooks and cranny's filled with books, games, toothbrushes, shoes, buttons - everything!  Enjoy my dear readers - it was a trundle back in time for me!

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx



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