Kuranda Village Market

Again with a 'back in the day' post - but when I was a wee  whipper snapper the Kuranda markets were the most amazing car boot sale markets - where sellers would literally pull up in their gold Kingswoods and open the boot and sell whatever they had in there.  It was a mixture of furniture, clothing, lamingtons (yum!) vegetables and a helluva lot of incense.  There were always the resident hippies that had the most colourful scarves decorating their coveted dreads, and so much atmosphere and culture you could choke yourself on it.  So, fast forward 19 years and here I find myself back into the quaint little town that is now a popular tourist town - and sadly has lost a lot of its charm and quirkiness.  The resident hippies are still there - albeit somewhat older.  But unfortunately this Japanese tourist-targeted tourist town has lost a lot of what drew me to it.  However despite the commercializing of it - there is something about it that is worth the visit - even if it is just to imagine what it was like back in the 80's.  If your ever in the far north - it's worth going to check it out - don't worry if you don't like it - I can guarantee it's worth it just for the jaffa ice cream:)


  1. Such beautiful photos! I love the gorgeous colours on the candle holders and the wind chimes are magical! I wish I could go there:)


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  3. These photos are so sweet. I especially love the photos of the jewels. The color is gorgeous. Amethyst isn't my birthstone but I often wish it was :) I hate when sweet little establishments get discovered but I guess that's always bound to happen sooner or later.

    Castle Fashion

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