New Age Retro

New Age Retro - ever heard of it?  No, me either.  Apparently it is the 'new retro', a younger take on the old retro classic.  However I'm led to believe it is borrowing some style tips from my teenage days - rather scary because as I relate the inspiration for this style of fashion I will be letting you know the approximate age of yours truly.  Something I wish to keep a secret.  'A lady never tells her age' says the Victorian woman inside of me.

Anyway - Lara has decided to run with this new trend..  Our gorgeous model, Ashlei, from the Ahka store, told us of what all the young 'uns are wearing to music festivals and other communal gatherings of like minded people.  She went rampant in the studio and picked up whatever she would normally wear going out on the town.  With her gorgeous smile and easy going personality - and excitement in sharing her own personal sense of style; she won Lara's  applause and subsequent admiration from us both.

Anyway back to the point.  Ashlei wanted free reign to dress how she wanted - and mentioned this 'New Age Retro' catch phrase - drawing inspiration from Nirvana (think greasy hair and flannel shirts, depressing music you can't help but dig) mixing vintage pieces with kitsch, military, boho and the famous ripped jeans phase.  Surprisingly it worked together quite well.  I'm no big shot fashion critic - but I liked her end style.  It reflected little bits of her personality that we've come to love over the past few months, and seeing her excitedly put different pieces together was just lovely.  Style isn't just about the clothes you wear - it's a reflection of how you want people to perceive you; so we love it when people feel comfortable enough to mix things that die hard fashion enthusiast say is a faux par.  So there - the old 'yellow and green should never be seen' adage - phooey to that - wear it if it makes you feel good.

She is currently working on a project for us - remodeling a hand picked vintage dress with the help of her friends and sisters; so we are rather excited to see what the younger generation of vintage lovers have to show when we see her in the studio again in the coming weeks.  So now I guess it's out there - New Age Retro - what do you think of it?  Like or dislike? Great for the young 'uns but prefer the classic Retro/Vintage look a la Chanel?  We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments!

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx


  1. Nice outfits, the one with the mini dress is my fav!

  2. ohh , such a nice outfits! i'm totally inlove with those two,which you wear glasses :))

  3. Grunge chic. It's very Melrose Place.

  4. Rockin.

  5. Like your jewellery! xoxo

  6. like your style, it's so cool!!

  7. love the shorts!!! i follow you!

  8. love these looks & especially the shorts! thanks for commenting on my blog - hope you'll visit again soon!
    Endless Nights



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