My handbag is better than yours...

A few weeks ago I did a post about the over-indulgent attitude the women in our family have towards handbags.  After counting how many we had and realising we had too many - I decided to celebrate our find with the purchase of yet another handbag.  Really I couldn't resist.  It was calling out to me from the shop window.  I even took in my husband to see it first and gauge what he would say... and he said - "I want a deadly new man bag if you get that one."  Done. 
So now I'm the proud owner of one very delicious studded burnt orange faux leather handbag.  I've already had friends coveting it.  But it's mine.  I may sell it.  One day.  But for now I'm content with knowing many of you are just wishing you had one just like mine.

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx



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