Meet Ashlei

Well after what it seems like eternity searching, interviewing and shooting (with a camera) models that answered our call to be the next Ahka girl, we have both finally chosen (and agreed!) one - and she is totally hot!  Meet Ashlei,  the stunning mechanic by trade ( we know right??) waltzed into the studio with such a happy, cheerful persona; she is just an absolute pleasure to be with!  Here's a little background info on the latest IT girl, watch this space there a big things to come for this one!

Like we mentioned she is a mechanic by trade, but now pursuing her artistic side and has done a number of artworks and a show.  We are yet to see some of the art but the artist in Tura is very intrigued!  
And next week she will be auditioning for X-factor, something her dear mum put her up for and she's giving it a go!  So if you see her on X-factor make sure you vote! We will be :)

She has two younger sisters... and get this - in her younger days she did semi pro motor cross racing!  Is there anything this girl can't do?  All we know she is just lovely and we are so happy to have her on our team here at Ahka.  So make sure you leave a comment on our facebook or blog to welcome Ashlei to Ahka!

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx


  1. Shes adorable, such a happy and beautiful face.

  2. I really like the 3rd dress in the second image. This type of pattern on the clothes and I like very much reminds me of the '60s.

    Good Blog - Have a nice week.

  3. really great dresses!

    xx viviane



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