A Gentleman should never wear shorts

This little ditty popped up on my google news just now - and I'm rather taken by it!  The dashingly good looking designer Tom Ford reckons that no matter the weather - men in shorts are simply 'never appropriate'.  I tend to agree.  Although my other half rocks it in boardies, I am pleased that he wears long pants to anywhere other than the beach.  The article also went on to say that part of being gentlemanly is also to have manners and to work.  Wow.  Disregard my last post whinging about the price of designer gear.  I'm getting me a Gucci something in the near future.  He's put the soul back into designer for me.

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx


  1. This post gave me a giggle. I do love Tom Ford...

    Great blog. I'm now following. Please feel free to have a little look at mine.

    Thank you,



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