Coming Home

Well after traveling for around 10 months I'm finally home... up in steamy, hot North Queensland - where it all began.  I remember coming to the 'big smoke' with Lara in her old gold Valiant, complete with deadly louver's on the back window (mid 70's answer to window tinting), Icehouse crooning about about the 'Great Southern Land'; and watching with fascination as Lara's perm remained intact despite the hot 80km/hr winds coming through the windows.  Hairspray these days has nothing on the vintage version of hairspray back then.

I can remember sifting through the op shops on a weekend - being annoyed that I at only 9/10 years of age couldn't wear the funky things that Lara pulled out of the racks - because her being older, more cashed up, and I admit it - at that time with infinitely more style would find some amazing pieces.  Me on the other hand  had to make do with finding the latest surfwear fashion so I could be cool at school with my Rip Curl shirt I found for 2 bucks.  Oh how naive I was.

I did get all her hand me downs though - the great thing about that was Dad would let me wear it because Lara had already set the precedent for wear-ability - no matter if it was too short, mildly see through or identified you with a certain 'crowd'.  Big sisters are good for something!

So I'm back - ready to hit all the old op shops we previously haunted, plus quite a few more that have sprung up around the place.  I must say compared with the op shops I've been to in other places I'm not sure we'll find many diamonds in the rough - but that's half the fun isn't it?

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx


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