Art Defines Fashion

Art.  Before fashion this is my first love.  I'm all for the great shoes, fancy bags and a ridiculous amount of clothes; but I'd trade it all for a pair of comfy tracky-dacks (aussie for tracksuit) a paintbrush, quiet surroundings and a canvas.

Since returning to the mother-land after too long abroad I forget just how beautiful this place is.  The pouring rain, humidity, dense tropical rainforest - and when I'm not spending time staring wistfully into the sea or mountain ranges I'm on my computer trawling through 1000's of pictures of beautiful things. 

What I have noticed is how much fashion is an artistic sentiment.  I guess that's what makes fashion unique - we wear our art in our own particular style according to our mood, feelings and taste.

Which leads me to the high-fashion debate - is it worth the price you pay for a pair of Jimmy Choo's or that Chanel clutch that will be totally out of style next season?  Now lets think in terms of art - is Vincent van Gogh's 'Vase with Fifteen sunflowers' worth $77.3 million?

Some say yes; others say no.

So - my humble opinion - pay what you like... .50c from the local op shop bargain bin; or $100's of dollars from well know brands - just don't always follow the trend - remember the artist inside yourself.  Just don't go all Jackson Pollock on us.

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx


  1. great post
    made me to think for awhile

  2. Hi girl cool illustration! i'm following your blog via bloglovin and via blogger hope you can follow mine too :)

  3. Art and fashion do go hand in hand! Love that you've addressed this! Great post! WIll be following on bloglovin!

    Love C x



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