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At any one time,  somewhere on our gorgeous planet, it's summertime.  Being from the big, burnt, land-down-under; summer for us consists of the beach, BBQ breakfasts, lunches and dinners, chilled white wine, gossiping with old friends,  attempting failing the fine art of surfing - being prepared solely to sit on the beach and to soak up the view.  As a result of this lifestyle the summer wardrobe consists almost exclusively of cossies (australian for swimwear) teeny tiny shorts to cover the cossies, a hat, sunscreen and thongs (also australian for 'flip-flops', jandles, whatever you like to call them)
Now normally this kind of attire is perfectly acceptable to almost all social engagments on the summer calendar.

However, while we both were holidaying in an exotic, chic beachside town called never-never land we stumbled accross a designer with some beautiful floral, chic strapless cotton dresses that elicited 'oooohs' and 'aaaahs' from us both.

These you can wear to the family BBQ in the backyard with some cute jewelled 'flip-flops', can be worn on a date night in spring with a solid colour cardy over the top,  basically can be a classy alternative to the cossies/shorts/thongs get up that lacks that little bit of finesse.

We don't buy or sell anything that we wouldn't wear ourselves, and we got overly excited with our wholesale order and bought out the whole line - so now we have a heap of gorgeous dresses ready for your summer enjoyment!
Hope you like them!
FYI - we've kept one of each design just for us.....

For the Love of Vintage
Lara & Tura x

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