Kathy Van Zeeland

You know you have way to many handbags when your in-laws start call you 'bag lady' (in the nicest possible way)  I love my in-laws, they are lovely - the the term 'bag lady' has come to me from my very nice mother in law - who is, and will remain the very first 'bag lady' of the family.  You see she has so many handbags, tote bags, make up bags - you name it, she's got it.  And likely more that just one of the same kind of bag.

So when my father in law referred to me as being a bag lady, I thought I'd prove to him that I really didn't have that many.  So I counted up all the bags I had in my acomodation at the time (remember I'm traveling - supposed to be packing light!)  And the grand total came to....16.   SIXTEEN!!  This amid my journey around the world (including a large suitcase & carry on)  so the rest fall into the tote/handbag & make up category.

So this got me thinking.  Realistically we women only need ONE bag - to carry the ipod, phone, lipstick, purse, tissues, floss, mirror - maybe I'll stop listing there.  Generally you can fit all the necessary womanly items needed into one decent size handbag.  So why is it that my mother in law and I have collectively over 50 bags?  I decided to do a little research to see how many bags other members of our family posses:

Younger sister:  9
Sister in law #1 : 10 (who says she doesn't keep bags - she throws them out)
Sister in law #2 : 30+ (quite the fashionista)
Niece #1 (15 yo) : 13
Niece #2 (6 yo) : 19 (for a six year old - she's quite stylish)
Mother: 8

So clearly the women in our family might be single handedly keeping the handbag industry profitable.  Notice though that I cleverly left out Lara - my older sister who is also my business partner?  That's because she more than doubles the total of all those put together - and this only covers her handbags.  Phew.

This post, of course,  does not negate the need for us to buy more bags as we see fit;  it hopefully encourages you, dear readers, to tell us how many handbags you posses so we feel much better about our spending habits.  Surely this is a global female thing - the possession of too many of the same item - and not just some weird, family thing.

Oh, and by the way - some of those personal handbags of Lara's is from the designer Kathy Van Zeeland, and she has around 30 of them.  Since her spare room, shed, garage, office, lounge settee, wardrobe and linen cupboard are already full from other purchases, she has been ordered to sell off some of her many handbags.  Find them here. 

So please - make us feel better by telling us the hundreds of bags you have sitting around your house...

For the Love of Vintage

Lara & Tura xx


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