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Is it totally uncool to post more than one blog in a day?  I don't know - I'm not all that up to date with blog etiquette.  I'm not really up to date with any kind of etiquette actually.  And since today for me has been one of those days where I'm full of boundless energy, all the chores are done, work is done, and I'm sitting idly twiddling my thumbs; I've been pondering what makes something 'cool' and 'uncool'. 

Firstly - is it uncool not to have plans for a Saturday night?  I'm quite looking forward to browsing fashion blogs and adding to my long list of shoes and bags that I want.  Like I don't have enough shoes already.  My Dad always used to say you only have one pair of feet - why do you need 45 pairs of shoes?  His comments, although correct, are totally uncool. 

I recently wrote a post about women and their handbags, how many they have etc; and the response we got from you readers made us feel very good about our unreasonably large collection.  We were not the only ones.  Now it has come down to shoes.. and browsing through the many blogs that I do in a day has made me think very hard about shoes I consider 'cool' and totally 'uncool'.  Here's what I came up with:







 So have I just committed Fashion Faux Par?  Likely.  But I'm sure somewhere in the blogging etiquette guide it allows for freedom of speech.  But we're rather interested in YOUR cool/uncool list.... tell us what shoes YOU love - heck - even send us a picture.  You might even inspire me to go out buy number 46 of my shoe collection... and it might even come from your uncool list.    

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx


  1. you can read my blog! just go to the right bar, there's a little flag thing, you choose which language do you want and click on it and it translates the entire page :)

    following you back :D

  2. hahaha...Un-Un-Un cool shoes there...
    tell your dad he only has one body, so why changing clothes? dad told me once (while wearing statement rings) are you going to kill someone??...there goes my cool vs. un-cool

  3. I think it's totally fine to do more than 1 post a day. Hey if you have the time, why not!? LOVE this post by the way! Love all the shoes you consider "cool" especially the studded wedges and oxfords.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment too! I am your latest follower, please follow me back! =)


  4. Cool (and uncool!) is what we make of it. That's my uncool opinion only, by the way. Haha. And it's fine to post more than once a day, as long as it is interesting and you're not posting, say 20 times a day to say exactly the same thing.

    It is NOT uncool to have plans for Saturday night. In fact I think is rather uncool to try very hard to have plans every Saturday night.

    Not sure if I think it's cool or uncool about having lots of things. Mainly because I'm an organized freak and if I cannot imagine how I can organize it, I don't buy it. If it's going to add to clutter, my heart flutters (not in a good way). BUT if I had more storage room than my existing ones, then maybe I'd buy more. I'll let you know when this happens. :P

    The only uncool shoes I could think of are platform shoes. But dude, I can't say much because I thought platform shoes were the duck's nuts when I was 14. Ok. Shutting up now. :p

  5. i love your blog so much.))*

  6. hi babe,
    thanks for leaving such a cute comment on my blog!
    would LOVEEE to have u as my follower!!!

    Kisses Julia

  7. what a cool post!! so true! thanks for stopping by my blog

  8. The "cool" are very very cool! Love it!

    Kisses from

  9. Hahah I love the cool and uncool concept.
    Out of the 'cool' group, I would LOVE to have those Miu Miu Mary Janes.
    BEen lusting after them for months.



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