Ahka Girls at Bondi Beach are HOT!

We had a FABULOUS time last Saturday at the famous BONDI BEACH in Sydney, Australia.  The girls decked themselves out in gorgeous vintage gear from head to toe, relived their inner 5 year old with a pair of roller blades (these are young-uns these ones; couldn't talk them into roller skates... true vintage style)

They rolled their way up and down the promenade giving out freebies and discount voucher to our stores Tikkitiboo & Ahka Vintage.

The girls met the hotties from Bondi Rescue, got propositioned by 70year old men, ate the Bondi Burger with chilli, stole Schwarzkopfs' propaganda thunder (come on our girls were hotter than theirs) and generally caused a stir.  Love it!  Check out our pics from the day:

For the Love of Vintage
Love Lara & Tura xx
 Bondi Beach
 Boys from Bondi Rescue getting an ego boost

 Beach Bums.  Ha.

 Discount Voucher.  LOVE.


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