Richmond is full of retro history, and wandering the streets are a real treat with some of the cool things that can be found.

We Came across this old factory that was originally Slade Knitwear back in the 1950's and is now heritage listed. the neon sign is a reminder of a by gone era

Historically, the Slade Knitwear sign is important as one of the few large-scale neon sky signs remaining in Victoria. Such signs, often with lively animation or flashing parts, reached a zenith of popularity in the 1950s and1960s, with the largest examples becoming familiar and well loved parts of the urban landscape. 
There are only a handful of these signs remaining, the most famous being Skipping Girl Vinegar, Pelaco and the Nylex signs. (which will feature in an upcoming post)

Sam, once again took centre stage in her amazing red retro dress with double white collar- while finishing the look with 30's-esque black and white patent shoes.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Samantha is currently studying design and is a very talented dressmaker...and those tattoos- amazing! and what better designs to choose than a sewing machine and a dressmaking dummy. you rock Sam!



We were preparing to do a photoshoot outside in the Melbourne laneways, when we walked past this amazing red lip shaped chair right in the foyer of Samantha's apartment block. How cool is it?
So, we thought we would put it to good use and lie all over it and take a few pictures.
Love the contrast of the bright red with Samantha's mustard coloured 50's style dress. Add the pearls and the cute red heels and it's a perfect match. 
What do you guys think? We love it... 

On a side note- We just got stock of some amazing music embroidered patches. Check them out by clicking the links on either side of this post and you will be instantly teleported to our online sites :)



The cold weather is starting up again here in sunny Melbourne. It is always hard to prepare for the cold months ahead, especially since we have just had a pearler of a summer. 

Lots of beach days for us, basking in the sunshine. our tans are looking fab and our hair has been naturally bleached from the sun.loving it!

This photo shoot is a throwback to the middle of summer where we were swanning about in crochet, and soaking up the heat.

How gorgeous is this open backed dress. Bought from

Tots worth every cent and has been worn endlessly this summer.  

countdown is on for the end of the year and warmer days...


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