Two reasons we are pretty excited this week! we have been able to get our little mitts onto these very cool DIY books from 1970 and 1973 respectively.
Both books collector's items and in ah-mazing condition.

These books will be available from tomorrow here and both give a little insight of an era gone...and very cool fashion pictures too.



I'd like to say that my normal work day looks something a little like this, feet on the desk, leisurely naps and generally looking fabulous in vintage.  But its more like, pyjamas, coffee, and blearily staring at the computer screen until I fully wake up at 11:30 am.  Welcome to my wonderful world of working from home!  Oh, and you can buy this dress here.



We are pretty excited here at Ahka HQ with all the new dresses coming in,
especially with these very Rad 1970's Maxi dresses
Check them all out here

Did we mention that you can view all the details of these dresses here :)
AND....that they are only $45 each....Happy days!

Remember these dresses are one of a kind-that means there are only ONE of each x


Fancy a friendly neighbourhood game in a super cute vintage tennis mini?  Find it in our store here.



A Little sneak peek into what is coming to the store. 
These amazing digital print dresses are perfect for everyday wear and they are very versatile, as they can be worn as a little sexy mini in summer or pair them with black leggings and chunky boots for winter.

We will also be listing swimwear soon, and I know that summer seems ages away, but it's not really, when you think that winter ends in like 7 weeks, and besides, it's summer somewhere in the world right now.

So, these goodies will be appearing in the store in the upcoming weeks, but in the meantime check out a couple of the skater dresses we have already listed here - just to whet your appetite ;)



A rather hilarious shoot involving sequinned dresses and empty grog bottles shaped as skulls, all on a sunny afternoon.  Honestly what brought this about was not the fact that the bottle was empty, but rather that if you are wearing sequins it goes without saying that clutching a glass skull is totally what is done while wearing said sequins.  Seriously, don't you do that on a Saturday afternoon at about 2pm?  Dress available in the store.  Glass skull is all mine.  Hands off.


The shop is being updated with so much at the moment, such a huge variety of dresses, accessories and shoes, spandex and all sorts of delicious goodies.  I am also having a huge cleanout of my personal vintage wardrobe which helps to clear the way for more vintage yumminess.  All items available in the store right now!

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