Vintage swimwear is hard to come by, so imagine our excitement seeing this genuine vintage swimsuit, never worn, pop up in our store.  The mustard, earthy colours are perfect, with all the right cuts in all the right places.  The stuff dreams are made of this is.



It's funny owning a store full of every girls wardrobe nirvana dreams.  You have mountains of clothes and accessories, with dresses that are made to last with character and beauty you don't find everyday.  This dress is one of the hundreds we have listed in the store.  It's what we would class as an everyday vintage dress.  Good quality but easy to wear without screaming 'I'm so kitsch right now'.  Having said that when editing these photos for this post I fell in love with this 80's does 20's number on a whole new level.  This is vintage at perfection.



There is nothing more feminine than adding punch to an outfit with a sequinned headpiece.  Tiara's were the first introduction to head decoration, probably reminiscent of wanting to be a princess or something.  Thankfully these days there are much classier, much more beautiful things to put in ones hair to make you feel like a princess without the danger of looking like a sad 80's pouffy dressed bride.



I love the mix of earthy and vintage elements in this outfit.  These boots have been my best friend for a couple of years now.  We go everywhere together, shopping, to the movies, and generally just hang out.  We're a good fit.  Coupled with a powerhouse outfit like this one.... really one cannot but help to stare.



New items listed in store.  Every single day.  This was just this week.  



Willeh.... seriously this guy has not changed one bit....even when I was a kid he still looked exactly the same to me.

Photo by Lara



Words cannot describe how much I have been in love with this vintage dress - it is the perfect mix of 80's does 20's, with a class, a little sheen on the fabric, and the most divine emerald colour.  I could resist doing a twenties styled post The Great Gatsby style.  For me that's what that movie/ book is all about - simple but absolutely ridiculously classy style.  I love the shift dresses that don't hug the figure, but teamed with the right accessories make it oh so feminine.  I love this shoot - I love the graininess (unintentional - but I'm loving it) and the moody lighting.  It's a little bit on the darker side than what we normally do, but I think it works well with this style.  And a side note - am I the only one here that thinks Carrie is Gwen Stefani's Australian twin?  I think not....


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