Blush, an interesting word to describe a colour, a very pretty colour at that! The first written use of the word blush as a colour name was recorded in 1590 and was actually represented in live theatre because it was the colour used for theatre makeup. (bit of useless information….but quite fascinating even still)
So, this blush coloured vintage dress oozes femininity and prettiness, and has an added bonus of a dragon motif on the bodice,. YAY! and to give it a 30’s vibe we added a ‘blush’ coloured fabric floral headband.
Have a browse through our store here for more vintage dresses, we also have other coloured dresses besides blush too ;)



Sometimes less is more! like with this little ensemble. If you are in a hurry, but still want to look chic, all you need is a light cotton shift dress, add some cute little lace trimmed socks with a pair of flats, chuck on a hat and some long draped necklaces and of course your silver 'Peace' ring and you are literally walking out the door within half an hour of getting out of bed. No fuss! but you look fab- winner winner chicken dinner!
Check out all our easy to wear dresses instore now



Everyone loves a good garage (also known as a 'yard') sale. because, really, we are not actually selling our garage!
Lets face it, just the thought of sifting through someone elses junk treasure excites us all, but finding that something special that we can proudly tell our friends that we bought it at a bargain price and hopefully make them a little jealous that they missed out all the goodies.
Well, Ahka Vintage are having their very own garage/yard sale! We are relocating to sunny Melbourne, and, well, quite frankly, everything MUST GO!!
At the rate we are going, we will need 5 trucks just to move it all, and that's not cool!
We have a whole household of amazing vintage and antiques that we have collected over many years, all must go to new loving homes.
100's of vintage dresses, that we are selling for $5.00 per (big) bag. yup! you heard it right folks, whatever you can fit into those bags, you can have the whole lot for $5.00 (that's the price of a coffee! but this lasts longer ;)
We also have paintings,furniture,wedding dresses,sculptures, every type of nik nak you can think of,vintage books,CD's, movies, bags,shoes and lots more.
So everyone is welcome to rock on down to Ahka HQ between 8am-3pm THIS Saturday (15th November) and  get themselves a pretty bargain.
If you live in Sydney and would like to cruise on down and have a browse, please email us at and we will provide you with our address.
Happy vintage hunting!



Alice in Wonderland! a classic and a nonsense story about a girl and her interaction with a variety of weird animals- Lewis Carroll had quite an imagination for living in the year 1865!
But thanks to Sir Lewis, we can enjoy his twist on ordinary things which enables us to enjoy once again his brilliance at story telling.
Welcome to our expanding club and festival range which includes bodysuits, swimsuits, catsuits, and everything in between.
This super cute little Alice swimsuit/bodysuit looks great worn with a pair of our little velveteen micro shorts. Add a skull clutch and pom pom headband and you are all set for a weekend of dance and music.
Lots of colours and designs in the shop right now- check them all out here 


Another perfect workwear dress.  Something vintage clothes are perfect for.  I love that I my closet I have a number of go to dresses that I have when I have nothing to wear.  I actually have about 5 'nothing to wear' dresses.  That's my work week sorted!  Available in store now.



A little dip in the pool. I would have like to say it was an accident, but it is still freezing cold and no one in their right mind goes swimming in sequins and chiffon. 



As some of you may know, one half of our dynamic sister duo is a photographer. before vintage was but a distant sparkle of our fashion eye's, Lara spent full time as a photographer, clicking at everything from red carpet events, weddings to taking end of year photographs at childcare centers around Sydney.
One of the gigs she did was selling beach photo's at shopping malls around the Sydney area. All these were taken on 35mm film, very retro!! and some of the them are now available in our store.
We ship worldwide, so if you have been to sydney and laid in the sun at one of these places, feel free to buy a souvenir to hang on your wall. 
Click on below links to take you directly to the photograph


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