We thought we would do a different post this week, instead of our usual vintage post , we wanted to share with you all a little snippet of Australia- We have a lot of readers from overseas that may never have visited this large island in the sea, so thought we would share some photos of this very diverse country.

This weekend is the national celebration of ‘Australia day’ annually celebrated on the 26th January and marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the first fleet of British ships. Basically it means we all get a public holiday to party and don’t have to go to work YAY!!

So, here are a few photos of our beautiful, but often barren country- very diverse, with gorgeous beaches and desolate deserts. We are well known for our oversized tacky ‘tourist’ attractions, or driving through lonely landscapes to suddenly be confronted with snow and chunks of ice from a recent snow fall caused by a particularly cold night. Or, how about the small quirky OP shops found in little out of the way country towns.

Some say Australia is a lucky country…we just call it home!



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It is no secret that i love crochet! anything crochet for that matter! whether it is a tablecloth,hats or bags, but i have a big weakness when it comes to dresses. I'm a sucker for the all organic earthy look that it has. This dress is from my own collection, It was purchased from a lady who had travelled extensively in the 1970's. This original macrame crochet dress was made in France and is so soft and feels absolutely wonderful on, it moulds to the body perfectly and looks oh so elegant with it's cute fringing at the hem. I'm totally and utterly in love! Have a little look at our online store here to check out other creations we have that are similar to this amazing dress. (cause this one is all miiiiine!! hands off!)



A black dress...It’s considered a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. A little black dress is chic and versatile. Every woman should have at least one in her closet for those "I don't know what to wear" occasions. Black is possibly the only colour that can go with everything and still looks great!
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Beautiful dresses are usually the simplest, ones that are understated, that don't shout 'Here I am!' but are subtly stylish. This pale blue dress is one of those, with it's scattered poppy and daisy flower pattern and it's tiered skirt, it is simply divine! The drawstring shoulders gives it that interest factor too. perfection all round! The perfect addition to your spring/summer wardrobe.


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When you dress retro it does not have to be complicated. sometimes it is better not to think to hard about it, always remember that simple is best when you mix vintage with modern.
for example, with this little ensemble. We gave a simple pleated shift dress a new lease on life by wearing it off the shoulders, added a silver chandelier necklace for a bit of bling, and made an understated statement with a red heart shaped woven bag.
and, if you are a little daring and you can pull off the lace cat ears, then go for gold!!
All in all, this is our fav look of the day- so much so that we could not resist crawling on all fours and pretending to be a cat :/

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