As some of you may know, one half of our dynamic sister duo is a photographer. before vintage was but a distant sparkle of our fashion eye's, Lara spent full time as a photographer, clicking at everything from red carpet events, weddings to taking end of year photographs at childcare centers around Sydney.
One of the gigs she did was selling beach photo's at shopping malls around the Sydney area. All these were taken on 35mm film, very retro!! and some of the them are now available in our store.
We ship worldwide, so if you have been to sydney and laid in the sun at one of these places, feel free to buy a souvenir to hang on your wall. 
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Normally our vintage fashion posts shows you how to wear your vintage day to day, at the office or going out with friends, having the right accessories to go with it and generally how to make an old dress look fabulous. Not in this case! I happened to score this ah-mazing long black cape and instantly fell in love, so we just had to use it in one of our photoshoots and give the photos a dark and mysterious look. totally impractical, but we thoroughly enjoyed swishing about in it.
 Underneath this fab cape is a 1970's orange mini dress which is available in store now. match it up with rustic silver chandelier earrings and bracelet and you are all set for a stroll amongst the woods. Eat your heart out little Red Riding Hood!



Lara laughed at me when I styled this outfit.  She thought it looked very frumpish.  She was quite wrong.  I think it's classic, Jackie O inspired, with a little modern hip and studded glory with the heeled sneakers.  Available from the store.



A vintage themed photo shoot with a twist! Let us introduce to you our gorgeous and very talented guest model, Annika!
This girl is one clever chicky and very skilled in the art of aerial acrobatics, dedicating 6 days a week to twirling half way up in the air on a variety of stomach turning devices, such as lira,silks, aerial hoops, trapeze as well as performing chinese sticky pole and pole dancing. Phew!!!
So, besides looking totally amazing in our black and white striped retro dress, complete with death defyingly high boots, we could not resist asking for a little peek of her many talents by asking her to shimmy up a tree to show us her pole moves. girl power!!
Black and white striped dress available here
Heart necklace and black boots are models own accessories



We were aiming for the 30's glamour feel with this shoot. The orange linen elegant dress coupled with the faux fur waistcoat, finished with the soft curls of the hair. all in all, we were happy with the outcome, high five to us!
This dress is available now instore here


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